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内容摘要:The legend of ourselves there are rich and poor, the difference between the poor and the rich is do you know do not know how to make money, ...
The legend of ourselves there are rich and poor, the difference between the poor and the rich is do you know do not know how to make money, they said the success of the lady are profiteers, but only profiteers can make money ah, I think that each game player are clear, making money is nothing more than the several, or mining this is, there is a fixed occupation, picking up equipment, playing monster explosion thing there is to do business, this would require a commercial mind.
And friendly greetings come sit the most important business is the value of long-term direction, not just can make you rich, recently popular game upgrade weapons, a lot of people to make money through the upgrade weapons for this, I personally do not see how to upgrade weapons, no much protection is completely rely on with my luck, if the bad luck is broken do, but also a waste of their own material, I know a lot of people want to become a lady, so I'll pay you some money secret, hope every game player can become a rich game player.
For the fever and chills is dig money in the pre novice meat is that without any pressure, as time will grow more and more pressure, no matter what kind of occupation have money, can carry a hoe to dig, level 15 can go to the forest to beat the precursor Verma material, generally these materials are made of poison can sell at a higher price, as long as this stage by some small smart you can completely upgrade their needs, there is in the jewelry store inside Taobao, is to buy some of the best equipment this is to see his eyes.







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