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内容摘要:Many brothers have published articles I also want to try, never before in the legend inside the published articles, usually do not love to u...
Many brothers have published articles I also want to try, never before in the legend inside the published articles, usually do not love to upgrade, so many people said in the game, the upgrade really is very difficult, at a time when going out to upgrade will be angry to come back, I will not to upgrade, comfortable stay and take a good look to upgrade weapons you have been pondering over this matter, but also from many failures after draw a lot of experience, the sun came out to share with everyone.
When I feel the need to upgrade weapons and have two conditions, is enough courage and patience, don't look to upgrade weapons so simple, just a few steps, a little as long as it is a complex game player is to upgrade, but the success or failure of any game player can ensure it, upgrade weapons do not to maintain a normal state of mind is good, the success of failure is normal if you fail a few times, then behind the next will certainly succeed, as long as you have your own experience in an effort to what time in your eyes are small, I see a lot of game player are not afraid to upgrade weapons and broken, so today I will teach you how to upgrade.
In your time to upgrade weapons out after the first cut their baby or the probability of success next to NPC then there is a eighty percent, I can not guarantee one hundred percent, this experiment I tried many times, are successful, and in the arms broken after to calm while not to upgrade immediately, too at the time, so it will not break, black iron with jewelry can according to their own economic strength to put, or you want a lasting a little higher degree so you can put some black iron, then the patience to wait for the arms can be, nothing can also see a movie good oh.





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