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内容摘要:The proportion of gold ingot, 1:100000 diamond, 1:5. Honor point 1:3, online banking, cards, telephone cards, all presented 100%!!!元宝比例元宝 1:...

The proportion of gold ingot, 1:100000 diamond, 1:5. Honor point 1:3, online banking, cards, telephone cards, all presented 100%!!!元宝比例元宝 1:100000 金刚石1:5 . 荣誉点1:3 网银、点卡、电话卡、通通赠予100% !!!

Plug out key points! Found that the plug-in will be direct title, hope you do not cherish luck, green game strength PK!!!举报重点.严抓!发明外挂将直接封号 望人人不要抱着侥幸心理 绿色游戏 实力PK!!!

This update, all times attack equipment all re adjustment, perfect overlap real attack multiples, when wearing equipment, you can see the prompt in the dialog box!!!本次更新所有倍攻装备全部从新调剂,完美重叠真实进击倍数,佩戴装备的时刻时刻可在对话框查看提示!!!

This updated market hundreds of magic power multiples, mostly false multiples, this service promises all equipment supernatural power multiple real effective. For specific multiples, please download the full patch to see!!!!本次更新市情成百上千的神力倍数大多半为假倍数,本服承诺所有装备神力倍数全部真实有效。具体倍数请下载完整补丁查看!!!!

This update package: first flush free access to full 38RMB Chongzhi noble membership card and the first punch map into qualification, N times the first punch rate of general map value map!本次更新首冲礼包:冲值满38RMB可免费获取贵族会员卡及首冲地图进入资格,首冲地图爆率为通俗地图爆率的N倍!

The update increased by 2 billion 100 million, the blood of the monster, the highest explosive 42 weapons, 4 billion 200 million blood monster can break the highest level of weapons, Italy artillery!!!!本次更新增加21亿血的怪物最高爆出42级武器,42亿血的怪物可爆出本服第一流别武器意大利炮!!!!

This update adds new people to join the group:! Welcome to retro games group: 207831218本次更新添加新人,加入群:!迎接加入复古游戏交流群:207831218

This update new blood plus 4 billion 200 million monsters can burst 24-30 to the reincarnation of material, time can not spend money on full turn!!!本次更新新加42亿血的怪物可爆出24-30转的转生材料,有时间不花钱也能满转!!!

This update cancel power multiple lifetime, amendment 21 to 3% damage per skill level, can obtain the damage absorption +3%, 31 to get 40% of the damage absorbed!!本次更新取消转生的神力倍数,修改21转为3%伤害吸收,每提高一级可获得伤害吸收+3%,31转可获得40%的伤害吸收!!

This update super investors enjoy 30% of the damage absorbed, and full turn 31 to 40% damage absorption overlay, can get 70% bonus damage absorption, anti efreeti no pressure!本次更新超级投资人享有30%的伤害吸收,与满转31转的40%伤害吸收叠加,可获得70%的伤害吸收加成,抗火怪毫无压力!

This update eliminates some low-level weapons, seconds, strange attributes, improve the high weapon seconds monster chance (wild BOSS can not kill chance)本次更新取消部分初级武器秒怪属性,提高高级武器秒怪几率(野外BOSS不能杀几率)

This update to combat other pirated dogs, please refer to the specific details of the game experience, the purpose of this service: "there is time, you are uncle!"!!!本次更新袭击其他盗版狗,具体细节请游戏体验,本服宗旨:有时间,你就是大爷!!!




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