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内容摘要:Remember the 1.80 you 1.85 you will be launched by the 1.85 sweep you, as you explore the 1.80 series of 1.85 classic heroes, remarkable inf...

Remember the 1.80 you 1.85 you will be launched by the 1.85 sweep you, as you explore the 1.80 series of 1.85 classic heroes, remarkable influence! As a "mountain" at the same time, the 5igao series 1.85 you naturally can not be ignored, and even have their own fans for whom the more classical debate. In fact, the same is a 1.80 attack series 1.85 attack similar to 5igao and 1.80, you still a lot.记得当年1.80英雄合击1.85英雄合击一经推出便横扫1.85英雄合击界,作为探1.80英雄合击系列的经典1.85英雄合击,影响力可见一斑!而作为同时代的另一座“大山”,5igao系列1.85英雄合击自然也是不可忽略,而且竟然也有各自的粉丝为了谁更经典而争论不休。事实上,同样是探1.80英雄合击系列1.85英雄合击,5igao和1.80英雄合击的相似之处还是很多的。


Of course, in the game, game player can also see some colorful pictures, such as the 1.80 attack the golden gates is quite magnificent, bright road gold almost to flash blind; and in 1.80 you need to stay in the game player through chain transition in all, speeding in the steel shot is everywhere have to say, "Lightning flashes and thunder rumbles. picture is" very beautiful.当然,玩家在游戏中还可以看到一些炫彩的画面,比如1.80英雄合击的金色大门是相当华丽,璀璨的道道金光差点就要把人给闪瞎了;还有在1.80英雄合击中玩家需要在各个落脚点通过铁索过渡,在铁索上飞驰的镜头也是处处充满着“电闪雷鸣”,不得不说画面是相当精美。


Game player in the game "5igao" can personally experience the 1.85 you content, especially fine experience is very realistic! Game player after the dialogue and familiar characters, you will open to the 1.80 door, 1.80 from the complex open door you can feel you 1.80 extraordinary, and in 1.80 you should always take out in the exploration way, depicting the scene of the game player can evoke many memories.玩家在《5igao》游戏中可以“亲自”体验1.85英雄合击的内容,尤其是细处的体验是相当逼真!玩家在和熟悉的人物对话之后,就会打开通往1.80英雄合击的大门,从1.80英雄合击门的复杂打开方式就可以感觉到1.80英雄合击的不平凡,还有在1.80英雄合击中探险还要随时拿起火把引路,这一幕幕的刻画可以可以勾起玩家很多的回忆。


In the "5igao" 1.85 attack, all together can be a close call in the 1.80 attack, and in the "5igao" in the game, game player side also need a helper, this is Lolita Lolita system, to a certain level and body skills, so that more of the game player's help! Of course, before this, players need to spend a lot of money to upgrade Lolita, there are different Lolita shape, waiting for players to come to pick, it is very unique system.在《5igao》1.85英雄合击中,众人齐心协力才能在1.80英雄合击中九死一生,而在《5igao》游戏中,玩家身边也需要一个帮手,这就是萝莉系统,萝莉到了一定等级还有合体技能,这样一来对玩家的帮助更大!当然在这之前玩家需要消耗大量的铜钱来升级萝莉,还有不同的萝莉外形等着玩家前来挑选,实在是非常有特色的系统。


Powerful IP with "5igao" 1.85 attack, the game of the same name "1.80 attack" is also not let us down, whether it is exquisite picture of the game or strong fighting experience, and even the original 1.85 attack scene reconstruction, these are for the game player brought more about "5igao" the fun of the game I believe, the fans will not be disappointed as the faithful "1.80 you" 1.85 you, hurry to experience it!带着《5igao》1.85英雄合击的强大IP,同名游戏《1.80英雄合击》也是没有让我们失望,不管是精美的游戏画面还是不俗的战斗体验,甚至还有原汁原味的1.85英雄合击情景再现,这些都是给玩家带来了更多关于《5igao》的游戏乐趣,相信作为忠实的《1.80英雄合击》1.85英雄合击的粉丝一定不会失望,赶紧来体验一下吧!



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